"Since starting to work with Heather, I have already lost 62#, 10 inches off my waist and lowered my cholesterol with out medication."
Victor O.


“After reviewing my last lab work, my HGA1C is now 5.6. I am now off all diabetic medication. Thank you Heather for providing me the information and guidance to achieve this goal.”
Jim F.

“In just two weeks, I have already reduced my insulin from 50-nph/30 reg to 40-nph/25 reg!! My blood sugars this morning was 110. I am already starting to feel better as well. Thanks for the first working consultation!!”
Ben S.


“I wanted to thank you for helping me and changing my life. I am completely gluten free and feel so much better thanks to you.”
Lynn R.

“Dear Heather, you are a gift. My recent blood work was done this month. My doctor took me completely off of Metformin saying my numbers were better than his. He says I am not even prediabetic . My heart attack risk was changed to low.”
Gratefully, Susan S.

“I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated you speaking to the Leukemia Society Team in training. From my perspective, I think you are the best. You have such a command of all the interactions of foods and the mental aspects of good nutrition behaviors. You nailed the topic and it was very informative.”
Jeff L.

“ I have continued the diet that you taught me and working out like crazy. I recently went in for another fire department physical and I have gone from 247lbs to 184lbs and 23% body fat to 7%. I am amazed with the results and how great I feel. I just wanted to thank you again for helping me change my routines and all of your help.”
Adam V.

heather-scale“I just wanted to pass along the great news. I've been taking everything you suggested. I also cut out dairy and bread and I finally went to the bathroom today, naturally! What a relief, I cannot even begin to tell you. Thanks for all of your support. You have been such a life savor! I can finally breathe again!

“I've been seeing Heather on and off for the past 2 years (as have many of my co-workers) and she has helped me tremendously. She takes personal interest in everyone and her knowledge has been so valuable. I think I can speak for everyone here at American Express that we truly appreciate having her here.”
Susan P.

“Heather met with me and reviewed my Weight Watchers plan and gave me advice on how to modify the program due to my Type 2 diabetes. She was extremely helpful to keep me on track with the modifications appropriate for my health condition. I learn so much from her each time I meet with her, she has really guided me to make better choices in my eating plan to accomplish weight loss while eating healthy food.”
Michelle G.

“I am so happy that I met with Heather. I really thought if I met with a dietician they would just be another person who did not understand. Clearly that is not the case with her ; ) Thank you Heather for letting me show my emotions and for understanding. Looking forward to a successful journey!”
Elizabeth H.

“Heather, I thought you would like to know that four days into my diet change I am down four pounds and feel better already. If I keep feeling this good, I'll be back at the gym next Monday. Thanks very much for lighting the fire under my ass. It's been over four years since I fell out of my healthy lifestyle and I'm glad to be getting it back.”
Scott C.

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