• <strong>Reverse</strong> health issues with the fork!

    Reverse health issues with the fork!

    Many of today's common health issues can be prevented or reversed with the right nutrition.  HMD Nutrition can guide you through the maze of common misinformation about what it really means to eat healthy.

  • <strong>Be</strong> <strong>Happy</strong> and take care of yourself!

    Be Happy and take care of yourself!

    Heathy people are happy people and will influence all those around them.  HMD Nutrition will set you on the path to a happy healthy life.

  • <strong>Learn</strong> how to make a lifestyle change!

    Learn how to make a lifestyle change!

    The supermarket can be a minefield of poor choices and misguided information.  HMD Nutrition can give you the information you need and the power to take back your health.

Welcome To HMD Nutrition

Thank you for taking the first step to making Healthy Mindful Decisions! You are obviously motivated to make changes about your health by finding this website. With your motivation and my experience and unique style of education, together we can make life long changes to improve your health.

The steps to weight loss, reversing health issues and preventing disease lies only in education and application of this information, not a short term quick fix.

I am different than most dieticians in my approach because I do not use the food guide pyramid. I teach about the science of food and nutrition, how food will react in your body and how to manipulate your food intake to get the results you are looking for.

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